mDialog Smart Stream Platform

Dynamically deliver and measure uniquely addressable advertising within linear, live and video on-demand programming with the mDialog Smart Stream PlatformTM

Media companies need an effective way to deliver, measure and monetize their content across IP-connected devices. mDialog works with the largest media companies in North America to manage, deliver, and measure video advertising across IP-connected devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, GoogleTV, Apple TV, Roku and Xbox. The mDialog Smart Stream PlatformTM dynamically delivers in-stream uniquely addressable advertising within linear, live and video on-demand programming. Working with mDialog, content and service providers are able to increase the value of their video streams while leveraging their existing encoding, publishing and ad-decisioning investments through Smart Stream Intelligence.

From content delivery and dynamic ad insertion to measurement and stream intelligence, mDialog allows clients to “publish once, deliver everywhere.”

mDialog Smart Stream Platform: Reference Architecture

mDialog Stream Manager

The mDialog Stream Manager dynamically combines ads and content into a single adaptive bitrate stream, creating a flawless viewing experience on connected devices in real-time.

Ad Insertion - Seamless delivery of entertainment and ad content in a single adaptive bitrate stream.

Regional Blackouts - Instantaneous event blackout and content replacement for location-restricted content.

Authentication Support - Validate paytv access through integration with subscriber information and authentication services.

mDialog Smart Stream SDK

mDialog's suite of software developer kits standardize the fragmented landscape of connected devices allowing the streams and ad campaigns to be monetized and measured consistently across all devices. mDialog Smart Stream SDKs prevent ad skipping, support interactive overlay ad experiences, and provide device side unified ad delivery and standardized tracking.

Consistent Experience - Platform-specific SDK versions enable consistent measurement, ad delivery and viewing experiences across supported IP connected devices.

IAB Ad Impressions and Standardized Tracking - Track ad delivery, streams and quality of service metrics using tracking events delivered with stream content.

Ad Break Snap-Back - Ensure ad delivery and prevent users from fast-forwarding past ad breaks by taking advantage of player trick mode control.

Overlay Ads – Deliver rich interactive ad experiences over video content.

mDialog Ad Router

The mDialog Ad Router executes the content provider and service provider's ad policy business rules, facilitating uniquely addressable ad targeting and leveraging the customer’s existing ad inventory, infrastructure and workflow. The mDialog Ad Router allows media companies to place national and local ad avails into a single ad break by dynamically orchestrating ad requests and responses from a federation of Ad Decision Servers supporting both VAST and SCTE 130 standards. mDialog’s Ad Router can be installed within a customer’s data center or accessed in the cloud as a SaaS platform.

Precision Targeting - Achieve 1 to 1 addressability by targeting a unique ad to an individual viewer during linear, live and video on-demand programming.

Just In Time Ad Decisioning – Allow ad decisions on-the-fly to optimize campaign delivery midstream for linear, live and on-demand programming.

Multi-ADS Support – Insert ads from one or many VAST or SCTE 130 compliant Ad Decision Services within each ad break.

mDialog Ad Policy Manager

The mDialog Ad Policy Manager is an integral component of the Ad Routing service. This component allows media companies to “orchestrate the ad break” and split inventory between multiple organizations or campaign delivery and decisioning systems. The Ad Policy Manager dictates when and where local and national advertising should run, and whether or not to use remnant inventory, allowing media companies to monetize video inventory however they choose.

National / Local Ad Break Split – Divide inventory between national content owner and local service provider inventory, extending traditional carriage agreements online.

Remnant Ad Inventory – Fill unsold inventory through integration with remnant ad networks or exchanges.

Support Complex Ad Break Rules – Allocate ad break by player session, ad break position, geolocation, subscriber information, content metadata or audience targeting criteria.

mDialog Break Producer

The mDialog Break Producer prepares linear, live and video on-demand content for precise, frame-accurate mid-roll ad insertion.

On-demand Mid-roll Break Conditioning – Prepares content for mid-roll ad insertion at exactly the desired break point.

Live Break Insertion - On-the-fly break insertion for live events via integration with a third-party live encoder.

mDialog Stream Intelligence Manager

The cloud-based Stream Intelligence Manager enables consistent measurement across all devices while firing beacons that trigger and track events from the connected device, including detailed time-metadata, enabling highly accurate and definable stream measurement.

Ad Impressions - Provide IAB-compliant ad delivery validation using customizable message formats and VAST or SCTE 130 protocols.

Stream Event Tracking - Standardized content tracking to industry-leading third-party tracking systems, such as comScore, Nielsen, and Omniture.

Quality of Service Monitoring – Quartile and heartbeat beaconing to services like Akamai Media Analytics.

Customer-specific In-network Tracking – Integration with locally-hosted log-tracking, data warehouse and billing systems.